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Cataclysm is coming to town

It has been very quite here on my personal wow blog for a long time. But with the new expansion looming I think it is time to pick up blogging once again. I am planning to share some of my experiences and thoughts along with my takes on some of the news that rush by each day.
With the expansion it seems right now that a great deal of players are taking a brief pause from the game and get prepared for the next rush to the new max level. I am planning to make this dash with my druid as well and I have changed my offspecc to a feral tanking spec. I assume that it will me a breeze to find groups for the new dungeons as a tank and with the gear that I was able to snag from all those ICC runs I guess I should be set for the first instance runs.

I am thrilled that blizz stated that crowd control will be again important in the instances of the expansion and I am looking forward to marking the mobs again for shakles, sheeps and traps. Granted, I might shake a fist at my screen once and again if a wipe should happen but rushing through the instances and burning down everything with aoe abilities gets boring quite fast in my humble opinion.
I guess that now is the time to make room in the bank and inventory for all the stuff one will need when the expansion starts. From my experience it might be a good thing to stack up on some flasks, elixirs and potions that one can use while questing and doing the new instances. Also right now on my server old materials go for a suprising amount of gold since some players are preparing themselves to level the tradeskills of the new characters they are planning to roll when goblins and worgen join the fray.
I myself am not really sure what kind of goblin I will roll. I will play one through the starting zone for sure. I am a bit torn converning leveling a new character from 1 to 85. One one hand the world will be completely changed and there will be a lot of things to discover. But on the other hand one has to level through everything again and that will take a lot of time even with the heirloom items. And if you make it to 85, getting all the new toys for that character will take a lot of time as well.
Guess that is something I should take a little bit more time to decide …

A raiding week

This week our raid managed to get almost all goals done that were set for the week. We cleared Naxxramas in a record time for us because we were able to take one more damage dealer than we did before since we only took five healers along. The only thing that we have not been able to accomplish is to down Sartharion with the three adds up. But when we finally manage to get him down and get more secure with that encounter, we will be able to clear the whole 25 man content on one evening.

On one hand I am looking forward to that point since it will free up some time during the week and since our guild will be starting a ten man raid soon this time is well needed. But on the other hand I have to say that it really shows that there is not too much raid content at the moment. I guess that once Ulduar has arrived with the next content patch the situation will change but since we will not be doing the heroic Naxxramas at that point I doubt that Ulduar will take too long to complete when our raid is able to focus on the instance on our regular three raiding nights.

Maybe a thing would be to get a twink run going but I doubt the critical positions would be filled and since the raid group would almost start from scratch again, I doubt that there would be too much interest. So, right now I focus on the good side of things, like seeing the progression of the raid when we get through the instance a bit faster each week and manage to get the achievements that some members still have open on some of the bosses.

Lag issues and waiting for instances

Right now it can be a bit frustrating to play WoW sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy the game very much and questing in Northrend is fun. But since a few weeks the lag in some zones, Dalaran and Icecrown especially, is very bad. Noone seems to have an answer to why that is and event patch 3.0.8 did not change that at all.

Yesterday we were running Naxxramas on heroic and we had to take a break after a few tries on Thaddius. Instant spells went of with a four second delay and changing positions in time was simply not possible. I wonder if these problems are simply occuring because nowadays there are simply that much more players running the raid instances. Back in the Burning Crusade I cannot remember the lag ever beeing this bad on our realm.

The same problem seems to exist for the normal instances. Normally when we try to get into an instance we first get the message that no new instances can be started at the moment. Well, as funny as it was to see players jump against the instance entrance over and over, now I really would like to be able to play lag free and without having to wait before getting into instances again. And I think that after a month of the same trouble and problems we can expect Blizzard to come up with a solution for that.

Patch 3.0.8

WoW-Insider called the latest patch a disaster. I would not go that far. Sure, there were some bugs left but there were also a ton of changes. And some issues like the lag were there before the patch. I personaly did not have that many problems yesterday when the patch hit here in germany. We went to raid Naxx and were able to start on our scheduled time. The plan had been to start later to give everyone a chance to install the patch and get their addons updated and running again but since everyone was on time it was not necessary.

There still seems to be a lag problem in instances and so we stopped at one point and moved over to Sartharion. There, lag was not an issue and when we went back to Naxx after that, it went a lot smoother. My guess is that a lot more guilds are raiding nowadays than were before and that is causing the lag problems. But if that was the case, could Blizz not just add another server or divide the instance servers by faction?

Aside from the raiding I had only little time to experience all the other changes that the patch brought. As a miner, I certainly enjoy that I now have to spend very little time on one node before moving on. But on the other hand I had the feeling that there were less nodes available since the other miners are now also able to cover more ground in the same time.