Countdown to Cataclysn

Last night our small guild managed to get a ten man raid together and headed to the obsidian sanctum and naxxramas after that. We downed Sartharion on our first try without adds and since this was our first time there we were really wondering that everything went as smoothly. Sure, it was a bit hectic dodging all of the waves and getting the small elementals down. But all in all our tank held the big one without a problem and our druid collected the small adds very well. We had three healers in the raid and on that side there was not much of a problem.

In Naxxramas, things did not go as smooth but still we cleared the spider wing and the plague wing. Heigan with the lava dancing gave us some small problems but even he fell ln the third try. I am not sure if I found Naxxramas too easy. For me as a healer who is not really equipped too well, the challenge was that I had a lack of mana on certain fights. When mana was there, the damage was manageable and with our three different healers we gelled quite well.

I guess it will become more easy with every run since the gear gets better with every boss that falls. The next bosses from the deathknight and abomination wings will be a bit more challenging but I think that we will get them down as well. So, after our next raid we will know a bit better where we stand.

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