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Lag issues and waiting for instances

Right now it can be a bit frustrating to play WoW sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy the game very much and questing in Northrend is fun. But since a few weeks the lag in some zones, Dalaran and Icecrown especially, is very bad. Noone seems to have an answer to why that is and event patch 3.0.8 did not change that at all.

Yesterday we were running Naxxramas on heroic and we had to take a break after a few tries on Thaddius. Instant spells went of with a four second delay and changing positions in time was simply not possible. I wonder if these problems are simply occuring because nowadays there are simply that much more players running the raid instances. Back in the Burning Crusade I cannot remember the lag ever beeing this bad on our realm.

The same problem seems to exist for the normal instances. Normally when we try to get into an instance we first get the message that no new instances can be started at the moment. Well, as funny as it was to see players jump against the instance entrance over and over, now I really would like to be able to play lag free and without having to wait before getting into instances again. And I think that after a month of the same trouble and problems we can expect Blizzard to come up with a solution for that.

Hodir daily quests

For me, some quests are really a pain and these daily quests belong in that category. The qeuest chain leading up to the point at which you can start doing the first daily quests is really fun. You get to do some quests disguised as a female vrykul, do some battle on dragons and get to control giants. But then the daily quests start and for me the fun is over.

The problem is that every player who wants a shoulder enchant and is not doing inscription needs to do these quests. And since raiding has become a lot easier, it seems that a whole lot of players are doing the quests at all time. So since you need to kill specific mobs for almost all of the quests it can turn out to become a real battle to tag the mob first. Of course, that causes questing to take quite a lot of time. I really hope that this situation will improve, now that one can turn in the fragments for reputation.

On the other hand Blizzard has done many quests in the expansion in a sligthly different way. There are a lot of quests where you have to use something to make a quest mob spawn for you. Would it not be possible to make some of the daily quests more like this? It would certainly make those Hodir quests a whole lot more appealing to me …

Ding – now what?

My hunter reached level 80 last night. So, naturally I have to decide what to do next with this character. For me that is not as easy. I already am reading heroic Naxxramas as a druid healer. Since I am a member of a small guild, most evenings we only have enough people online to do a five man instance and there I am mostly tanking with my paladin. Raiding and tanking the five mans is great fun at the moment, even if some players claim that it is to easy.

While leveling, I have tried to have the group search interface active but as one can imagine, damage dealers are not really the classes that are in big demand. And since the next steps now that the levelcap is reached are upgrading the gear and grinding reputation I am a bit worried for the hunter.  I really hope that there is more left at the cap than doing a bunch of daily quests over and over and over again …

Patch 3.0.8

WoW-Insider called the latest patch a disaster. I would not go that far. Sure, there were some bugs left but there were also a ton of changes. And some issues like the lag were there before the patch. I personaly did not have that many problems yesterday when the patch hit here in germany. We went to raid Naxx and were able to start on our scheduled time. The plan had been to start later to give everyone a chance to install the patch and get their addons updated and running again but since everyone was on time it was not necessary.

There still seems to be a lag problem in instances and so we stopped at one point and moved over to Sartharion. There, lag was not an issue and when we went back to Naxx after that, it went a lot smoother. My guess is that a lot more guilds are raiding nowadays than were before and that is causing the lag problems. But if that was the case, could Blizz not just add another server or divide the instance servers by faction?

Aside from the raiding I had only little time to experience all the other changes that the patch brought. As a miner, I certainly enjoy that I now have to spend very little time on one node before moving on. But on the other hand I had the feeling that there were less nodes available since the other miners are now also able to cover more ground in the same time.